Bienvenido al Repositorio Académico Institucional (RAI) de la Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. En este repositorio encontrará recursos digitales de diversas áreas de conocimiento, producto de los esfuerzos que se realizan en investigación, docencia y extensión, a través de programas, proyectos y actividades académicas.

  • Human Technological Improvement y Post-human Rights. 

    Piedra Alegría, Jonathan (24th World Congress of Philosophy., 2018)
  • Information systems management issues in Central America: A multinational and comparative study 

    Mata, Francisco; Fuerst, William (Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 1997-12-03)
    As businesses move to increased levels of globalization, information systems (IS) management issues in the global economy become increasingly significant. This study identified and evaluated the key IS management issues ...
  • Consumption: The other side of population for development 

    Mata, Francisco; Onisto, Lawrence J; Vallentyne, J.R. (Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, 2012)
    World population is growing at an alarming rate, and thus population has become a major topic in sustainable development fora. In these debates, it is often asserted that developing countries with large populations pose a ...
  • Web 2.0, social networks and E-commerce as marketing tools 

    Mata, Francisco; Quesada, Ariella (Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 2014)
    The spectacular development of the Web 2.0, particularly through online social networks, has awakened much interest in different areas. Marketing is one of them and businesses have decided to experiment with this new type ...
  • Information technology and sustained competitive advantage: A resource-based analysis 

    Mata, Francisco; Fuerst, William; Barney, Jay B (MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems, 1995-12)
    The concept of IT as a powerful competitive weapon has been strongly emphasized in the literature, yet the sustainability of the competitive advantage provided by IT applications is not well-explained. This work discusses ...

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